Our Core Services

The short answer? Computer support! Both as a contract service or on an ad hoc basis.

Primarily via remote connection software, or if that is not an option, then of course on-site.

Our support services are for any ad hoc emergencies or services clients require, but we also offer various contracted service options.

Remote Computer Support

Our remote computer support is via the super secure DWS Remote Control service, whose servers are hosting in Europe (think paranoia level security), with communication between our computers and clients encrypted with SSL technology.

On-site Support

Obviously not everything can be done remotely via the internet, so we definitely offer physical on-site support as well.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

By making use of our contracted services, clients have the peace-of-mind to focus on their own clients and profitability, while we take care of their computer infrastructure. We monitor client’s hardware health, software integrity, security, backups, and provide patch management. Furthermore, contract clients receive priority support at discounted rates for ad hoc situations. We have various service level options available, or we can negotiate a custom agreement depending on your requirements.

The old adage of prevention is better than a cure is still true – all while saving by outsourcing your IT department.

Backup Solutions

Backups are a critical part of any company’s data management strategy (and disaster recovery!), but are so often overlooked or simply incorrectly implemented. Our expertise provide our clients with a customised backup solutions with redundancy, fitting for their company’s requirements.

Hardware & Software Security

Computer infrastructure are comprised of integrated systems, and keeping everything safe depends on both your software and hardware security. We offer various solutions to fit our clients risk profiles and operating environments. In today’s world of hackers, viruses, and ransomware, do not forget to implement a robust security regime.

Hardware & Software Sales

We are resellers for all the major computer brands, be it for notebooks, desktops, networking hardware, or Microsoft products.

With years of experience supplying both high end markets such as graphics artist, gamers, and your general corporate office clients, we have the knowledge to provide the best solution for our client’s requirements and budgets.

The What & How of things

Our standard hourly rate is R450 for onsite support and R350 for remote support. Please see the relevant section for further pricing fitting your specific requirements. We will use the lowest rate, just to clarify.
Areas outside the Northern Suburbs also incur a R350 call out fee, while destinations further afield might be subjected to AA rates as well; however, we will confirm this beforehand.


Third party software being a hassle? Software corruption? Or simply not sure on which of your 10 hard drives you should install to?
Let us sort out any hassles and headaches from installing and configuring software on your systems. We can also source and supply various software packages, let us know what your requirements are, and we will take care of the rest. From Windows installations, email configurations to third party software, we do it all.
Bundle Service Pricing:
R350 for setting up a new PC’s Windows, R995 for a Windows reinstall on an existing system (client’s must have a valid Windows license), and R1450 – R2450 for a backup and reinstall – pricing dependent on the amount of 3rd party software that is installed and the configuration required (depending on the situation, it can be a very time intensive process, hence the price variance).


Graphics card blown? Need more screen acreage? Or does it seem to be impossible to get enough hard drive space?
From parts to complete computer or laptop systems, we can source, install, and configure any of your hardware requirements.


Networking in the business world is critical – and the same applies in your office.
Be it wired networks, wireless networks or even getting that printer downstairs to work upstairs, we will make it happen.


Hostile takeover? Browser hijacked? Or maybe a bit of national state capture?
From virus, spyware, and malware removal, to installing security software and ensuring your networks are secure, we will make sure your systems operate in maximum security.
Infections causing system instability or worse, will be quoted on a per case basis.

Maintenance Services

Similarly to a motor vehicle or any other mechanical device, your PC needs a service every now and then to keep everything ticking along nicely.
Updating software, optimizing the operating system, removing bloatware – we will have your PC purring like a kitten again – Minus the hair!
PS: ask us about our retainer services, you can save a lot on your overall maintenance costs!