Welcome to Blue Wave IT

We offer friendly and professional computer support for SMEs, with years of experience and truly long term relationships with our clients. We literally act as the human-machine-interface between your most valuable company resources – your staff – and their tools of the trade – computers.

Our solutions are focussed on the following five areas: ad hoc support, security, backups, system servicing, and sales.

Outsourcing your IT department provides peace of mind operations as a cost effective alternative to an inhouse IT department.

The Solutions We Offer

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With more than 15 years’ experience in the computer industry, we are your perfect partner of choice to provide stability and security for your computer infrastructure.

So if you require a friendly and professional IT guy on call 24/7, we are IT.

Some of the brands we supply

Feel free to test Emsisoft

Emsisoft is our security package of choice – they have a truly remarkable product customised for todays security challenges. We use it inhouse and recommend it to all our clients. Talk to us for more details!

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